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Computeradio was founded in Toronto, in 1973 by Yuri Blanarovich, incorporated in Ontario, and in 1986 moved to its present home in New Jersey.


Computeradio started as a reseller of personal computer and communication systems. Our specialty was customization for engineering, industrial and scientific applications. As hardware and software matured, we developed integrated publishing systems for foreign languages, especially Cyrillic and supplied newspaper publishing systems to foreign customers. We developed "Marble,"  the first Industrial and robot controller based on a personal computer (the Apple II) and used it in numerous projects.

Presently we specialize in engineering customized computer and communication systems, publishing systems, automation and robotics, wireless control, surveillance, medical and security and monitoring systems. Antenna design and new advanced communication product development are the current projects at

Computeradio - the home of  

Concept and features design, ergonomics, circuit design and software development of  the DR1 are in progress by K3BU and his CR Dream Team.

On July 4, 2004 we were proud to present the engineering prototype of DRone.

The stainless steel enclosure (13x17x6") is designed to fit inside carry-on luggage for expedition travelers and contains complete station. 15" color LCD display and ergonomically designed controls will allow ease of operation especially for serious  DXers and contesters. Modular hardware, user programmable system with two top notch ham band receivers, one transmitter, spectrum analyzer/recorder with general coverage receiver integrated with operating and logging software will allow SO2R operation. More to come as design progresses.

We are looking for few more brains and hands to join the CR Dream Team. 

Lab and offices are located in the fertile RF fields of Montville Township, New Jersey, home of Morse, Vail, Tesla, Edison, Armstrong, Sarnoff and other giants of radio.

Showroom and service department will be in New York City, where Nikola Tesla lived.



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Yuri Blanarovich, K3BU

CompanyPhone, cell 973 220-0087
FAX 973 808-1970
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7 Brittany Rd., Montville, NJ 07045
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General Information: K3BU@optimum.net
Sales: coming soon
Customer Support: 973 808-1970
Webmaster: K3BU@optimum.net
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