The Computeradio "Dream Team"

The Dream Radio One is being designed by Computeradio led by Yuri Blanarovich, K3BU, the Chief Engineer and project leader and coordinator. The goal is to have the best concept reflecting current technology and the best people in each area of expertise. We intend to push the limits and produce the best possible product, and to keep it current. As we progress, we will introduce and bring out of anonymity more of the key contributors to the design. We hope that you will express your appreciation for their work and where possible, reward them with your support and use their services - Hams helping Hams.

The initial idea was to design a "dream radio" and have an existing manufacturer produce and market it. A few were approached but the necessary level of commitment was not demonstrated.  So, the decision was made to go ahead and do it on our own. We believe we have the expertise, resources, and above all, the desire to produce that ultimate rig we all have been dreaming about.


Interested in joining the CR Dream Team? Please contact Yuri,