Way to go on expeditions!

No more of this:

More like this - DR1 way!

- The most compact DX/Contest expedition station in a carry-on package.

Complete station in a carry-on suitcase with 10m telescopic fiberglass mast. No more worry about rig getting lost or damaged in the airline transportation. Fits in overhead compartment, travels with you.

How did we manage that?

By designing the stainless steel case (13x17x6") for computeradio DR1 rig that fits inside the carry-on suitcase, with 15" LCD monitor, keyboard, accessories, wires and cables.

Before stashing it away:

The control keypad goes on the left.

The rest of the accessories fit on the right.

Chief designer Yuri, K3BU discussing design details and features with Peter I DXpedition leader Bob Alphin, K4UEE at Dayton 2004.

DR1 can also run a networked multi station setup via LAN, USB or 1394 ports.

DR1 can also be used as two station setup by single operator, or by two operators as in multi-single or multi-multi setup.