DR1 two operator setup for M/S or M/M

DR1 can be used in the Multi-Single or Multi-Multi station setups. It has provision for accommodating two operators, typically one as running, one as multiplier. Integration between two receivers, one transmitter, spectrum scope, filters and antenna controls allows for efficient sharing of resources and controls.

Here is the typical 2 OP setup for low power operation, like during WRTC - IARU Contest.

DR1 supports dual monitors, keyboards and controls.

DR1 stainless steel tower houses all the hardware, computer control and radio circuitry, quiet cooling system. R/W DVD/CD drive allows loading software and storing of data.

Main operator position with setup to configure and operate as running or multiplier station. Knobs and controls were moved to the keyboard and accessories - for convenient and efficient ergonomics.

Second OP position with its own controls and screen, all powered by

Just add an amplifier or two, bunch of antennas and enjoy operating radio station on a new level. That's it!

Stay tuned for the rest of the story!